Monday, March 4, 2013

FOAM Amsterdam

I visited FOAM in Amsterdam last week which housed a number of photography exhibitions. I enjoyed one by Jan Versweyveld entitled Inbetweens very much. He made scenery for theatre and took a whole series of photographs backstage, during rehearsals and during performances. It got to the point where it was difficult to tell what were real emotions and scenes rather than those that were staged. One in particular that stuck with me is below.

There was also a beautiful one of a lone man dancing in a room filled with only a sofa. He was off to the right hand side of the photograph with light from the door spilling in behind him but I have been unable to track it down online so far.

The other part I really enjoyed was a slide show of pictures by Boris Mikhailov. Many of his pictures were very voyeuristic. He is from Russia (former USSR) and has many nudes in his collection but also some really beautiful artistic shots that caught my eye much more. One was of two woman sharing one shawl in the cold, another of a manequin hand with painted nails resting on a chair. A third was of a ballet dancer balancing in a doorway and a fourth was a soldier with a pink carnation in front of his mouth. These candid shots really captured a moment to me and were beautifully observant. An inspiration and I will definitely be looking up more of his work moving forwards.

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