Monday, November 5, 2012

What I learned from Assignment Four

I think the main thing I learn from Assignment Four is that my still life shots are still pretty dull. I tried to put thought and effort in to them but as I've been focusing so much on portraits and fashion shoots external to the course, it's an area I have neglected in my studies so far. I hope to become a well rounded photographer in the long term and so have been trying to use still life shots for some of the exercises for part five. It's trying to find ways to make them more interesting and from looking at other photographers it really is something as simple seeming as light. It's the play of light and shadows across an object that makes it interesting to my eye both in photograph, moving film and art. I will keep experimenting, keep reading and studying other photographers I admire.

I also need to continue to increase my proof reading skills. I do double check for spelling mistakes and typing errors, but some are still slipping past me. I need to double check if I can rewrite some of written parts of my assignments before final submissions. I write my assignments in Pages and then copy into blogger to try and keep errors to a minimum as well as get a second person to read over, but it still means missing things sometimes if the word is correctly spelt but in the incorrect context.

I'm most of the way through the final part now and have signed up for Digital Photographic Practise. I have a couple of sets of pictures to potentially use for the final assignment and I hope to finish and submit to my tutor this week.

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