Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project Illustration : Exercise Symbols

The exercise is to think about symbols for the following concepts and make notes on how you would photograph them :


1. A flower - try doing a time lapse series of photographs of one going from bud to fully flowering.
2. A tree - One that is tall and strong next to a small sapling.
3. A picture of a chart with the lines going up - like a sales tool showing the profits growing and improving


1. Many cupcakes with someone with frosting on their mouth, holding one.
2. A whole lot of expensive shoes - get a couple of female friends together with their best shoes and fill the frame with them.
3. A very large bag on a scale - Think excess baggage. Perhaps use a smaller briefcase as a simple comparison. Could also try and use the full airport symbolism and show the large bag not fitting into a container.


1. A raccoon - could see if a local zoo has one. The stripes aymbolise the old black and white jump suits.
2. A broken lock - need a padlock and something to cut the lock
3. A derelict house with a broken window - location scout and probably just focusing on the broken window looking like it's been smashed. Could also try and action shot of using something heavy to break the window


1. Someone in prayer - Taken during a religious ceremony, head down with mouth and eyes closed.
2. A close up of someones lips with a finger in front of them in a shush gesture - Easy to shoot almost anywhere.


1. A homeless person on the street in the evening - Not in full dark but shot to look moody with the focus on the lighting. The dirtier the feel to the shot the better. Could experiment and wait for some very well dressed people or person to go by to really show the difference in condition and status.
2. A young person behind a chain link fence - this is an image that frequently seems to show poverty. Ideally on an industrial estate that isn't in a very good condition. Could either do a close up of the child's face or a wider shot to show the dereliction/disrepair of the background.

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