Friday, November 2, 2012

Project Illustration : Exercise Rain

I originally set out to take a picture of my husband through a pane of glass so I could experiment with off camera flash. This was shot indoors using a glass door on a cupboard. I used my speedlight down at hip height pointing upwards to light up the face. I really wanted to try using the on camera flash as well, but I couldn't get it so it didn't reflect in the glass horribly. More experimentation is required. Once I processed the image I felt that although it represented "rain", it was not very interesting so I went back to the drawing board.

For my second attempt I borrowed a set of Scrabble from a friend. I then set up on my fire escape with the scrabble tiles spelling out "RAIN" but upside-down. I took the plastic case off the front of a cd case and placed it balanced on a couple of boxes above the tiles. I set up a tripod and focused on the droplets rather than the tiles underneath. I wanted it so that the letters spelt out "RAIN" in the individual droplets of water to reinforce the message. I made some small adjustments in Lightroom 4 and feel much happier with this final image for the exercise.

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