Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Illustration : Exercise Evidence of Action

There are lots of ways to show action and I decided to try experimenting with water. This was my second session trying this as the first time I tried it indoors due to poor weather. I needed to use a shutter speed of over 1/1000s and found indoors even with an overhead light and desk light pointed at it, it was still far too dark. My flash synch speed is only 1/200s so would not have been fast enough to capture this. 

The second time I was lucky that in the morning the weather was clear and sunny so I set up on our balcony with a chair, tripod, white sheet, glass and strawberry. I focused, locked it and then tried pressing the shutter just after the strawberry hit the water making a big splash. It took a few attempts and in between I filled the glass right to the top to get the biggest splash to show the action of the strawberry falling. 

The actions are dropping and movement and I think this photograph illustrates both of the concepts well. 

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