Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Narrative: Exercise A Narrative Picture Essay

I decided to photograph an event for this exercise and as I had been invited to do the photography of the opening of a new supper club in London I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. The evening was to consist of home cooked food, wine and a series of burlesque performances. It was my role to capture the night and try and convey the ambience and feel of the evening for any future events. 

I got there after the food had been prepared and was just being put out so unfortunately I missed the preparation stages there, although I did get some shots of the girls getting ready to perform (not included for this assignment). I chose my favourite ten pictures from the night that seemed to get across the relaxed and cosy atmosphere and arranged them in Pages with captions. I then took screenshots to upload as images here. 

They tell the story of the night from the pies coming out of the oven, the guests enjoying each others company to the performances and packing up afterwards. Burlesque combines strip tease with comedy and I tried to pick the shots that best sum that up and give a snapshot of five of the six performers routines. Acts ranged from a business woman putting the spark back into her dating life to a nurse contracting a sexy virus to an act based on Canada which involved a sad ending for a toy seal! 

I'm not sure using Pages is the best way to present this narrative, but other than taking a photo of the printed versions arranged on paper I wasn't sure how else to present this. The lighting was very low for the dinner guests and I took candid shots of them without flash to give it more of a dive club feeling. I also wasn't able to use flash during the performances as requested by the promoter so did the best I could with the very mixed lighting. I think if I am being critical of myself what I really missed was any shots of the audience during the performances to show them interacting and enjoying the night.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Illustration : Exercise Evidence of Action

There are lots of ways to show action and I decided to try experimenting with water. This was my second session trying this as the first time I tried it indoors due to poor weather. I needed to use a shutter speed of over 1/1000s and found indoors even with an overhead light and desk light pointed at it, it was still far too dark. My flash synch speed is only 1/200s so would not have been fast enough to capture this. 

The second time I was lucky that in the morning the weather was clear and sunny so I set up on our balcony with a chair, tripod, white sheet, glass and strawberry. I focused, locked it and then tried pressing the shutter just after the strawberry hit the water making a big splash. It took a few attempts and in between I filled the glass right to the top to get the biggest splash to show the action of the strawberry falling. 

The actions are dropping and movement and I think this photograph illustrates both of the concepts well. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Trip to Calais

I went to Calais for a day trip recently as part of a meetup group with two models. I've been spending a lot of time working on fashion and portrait shoots and despite the truly terrible weather I was able to get a few shots I was really happy with which are below. I feel like my portrait work is really coming along, although I still have much to learn. I have been finding that my three quarter and head shots are much better than my full length ones so I will aim to do more full length shots to try and improve my skills.

Model : Katalin Kallo

Model : Riana Horner

Model : Riana Horner