Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Photographic Lighting : Exercise The Lighting Angle

I used a speedlight attached to a light stand with a white umbrella to diffuse it. I asked my husband nicely to be the subject and he was very patient as I moved the light stand around him and then above him. My Nikon D5100 was kept still on a tripod and I used a remote release to take the pictures.


DSC_0338 - Front Lighting

DSC_0339 - Side Lighting

DSC_0340 - Side and slightly behind lighting

DSC_0341 - Behind lighting

DSC_0342 - Pointing down and in front

DSC_0343 - Pointing down from the side

DSC_0344 - Pointing down from the side and slightly behind

DSC_0345 - Pointing down from behind

DSC_0346 - Light directly overhead

DSC_0347 - Light directly overhead and slightly in front

DSC_0348 - Light directly overhead and slightly behind

It's interesting seeing the different the light makes on the shadows across the face. Especially around the eyes, nose and mouth. For looking at the form/shape of the face, I like side lighting and slightly behind lighting. It gives more depth to the features, creates pleasing shadows and gives cues about the three dimensional structure.

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