Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Photographic Lighting : Exercise Contrast and Shadow Fill

I used some raw food ingredients for this still life. I also enlisted my husband to help with the card. The camera was set on a tripod and the light was fixed to a stand to the left of the subject. Later shots were taken with a large piece of white card either plain or covered in aluminium foil as directed in the exercise notes.

DSC_0348 - No white umbrella/diffuser

DSC_0349 - With white umbrella to diffuse the light (much softer shadows visible especially on the green pepper)

DSC_0350 - Card at 3 feet away

DSC_0351 - Card at 1.5 feet away

DSC_0352 - Card at 0.75 feet away

DSC_0353 - Card at 0.375 feet away

DSC_0354 - Card at 0.1875 feet away (the least amount of shadows on the right hand side of the subject. More and more of the tomato is hidden by shadow the closer the card is placed)

DSC_0355 - Card covered in aluminium foil dull side out (the whole set up is lighter, especially the tomato)

DSC_0356 - Card covered in aluminium foil shiny side out

DSC_0357 - Card with aluminium foil crumpled, shiny side out

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