Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Available Light : Tungsten and Fluorescent Lighting

Part One

I found some tungsten lights in our back bedroom. All of the others are now energy saving ones. Looking out of the window the daylight looked to be a blur colour during twilight. After looking at the room lighting the outside looked even more blue.

DSC_0312 : Auto WB
The inside looks very yellow when compared with the blue dusk sky.

DSC_0313 : Daylight WB
The yellow look inside is less pronounced on this setting. The outside blue is pretty much the same.

DSC_0314 : Tungsten/Incandescent WB
The inside colours look much more natural here but the blue light outside is more pronounced.

Part Two

I only have one fluorescent WB setting on my Nikon D5100 so I could only take two photos for each lighting condition. These two photos were taken at home under a small CF light.

DSC_0315 : Auto WB
The light is fairly normal here, the green of the sofa shows as it pretty much is in reality.

DSC_0316  : Fluorescent WB
The colour of the light here is much more orange than it looks in reality. The white on the side of the phone is more orange as well.

These two shots were taken at the supermarket under fluorescent lights.

DSC_0317 : Auto WB
This gives everything a slight blue/grey tinge. This is really noticeable looking at the white shelves.

DSC_0318 : Fluorescent WB
Everything is again coloured a little warmer under this WB setting. It's quite subtle when compared with the picture above, but definitely clear to the naked eye.

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