Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Available Light : Exercise Outdoors at Night

All of the below photographs were taken outdoors at night bar one which was taken in an underground bath house in Istanbul. I took all but one while I was away travelling. Some were taken at sunset, others shortly afterwards and a couple during full dark. After experimenting I definitely prefer the ones where there is some light left in the sky.

DSC_0319 : Bosnia (near Mostar)

DSC_0320 : Bosnia (Mostar Bridge)

DSC_0321 : Bosnia (Mostar)

DSC_0322 : Croatia (Dubrovnik)

DSC_0323 : Croatia (Zagreb)

DSC_0324 : Croatia (Zadar)

DSC_0325 : London (Croydon)

DSC_0326 : Germany (Frankfurt Airport, view from the plane)

DSC_0327 : Hungary (Budapest River)

DSC_0328 : Hungary (Budapest)

DSC_0329 : Montenegro (Kotor)

DSC_0330 : Montenegro (View from the walls above Kotor)

DSC_0331 : Montenegro (above Kotor)

DSC_0332 : Montenegro (view from the walls above Kotor) - Light trails

DSC_0333 : Romania (Sighisora)

DSC_0334 : Turkey (underground Basilica Cistern in Istanbul)

I loved taking photos at this time of day. Even though it was a struggle trekking my tripod around 9 different countries it was definitely worthwhile.

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