Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feedback from OCA Flickr Group on Assignment Four

Posted up my images for the light module and had a really interesting comment/question from another user which I have posted below. It was posted under Shape Two.

  1. I agree with Pete, this one photo is (to me) the best from the set, but I'm personally not fond of post processing effects.
    Can I ask something, and it is intended to be read with a gentle smile.... I've just had a look through your stream, and there is some amazing portraiture work, with really cool UV light shots. You seem to have a great report with people..... why did you choose this object for such an important and open themed assignment... why not having a go at using a person and go crazy with all these light effects or explorations? 
    It's not meant as a criticism, but in comparison with some of your beautiful portraiture work, this set of images feel really like a box-ticking exercise ... I'm so sorry to say.

  2. Hi thanks for the comments. It's my first time using post processing effects to be honest, I usually keep things quite simple but thought why not experiment a bit.
    @southliving - really interesting question thanks :) I'm basically still so new to photography only having my DSLR for a year now. I was never interested in portraits until around April this year when I suddenly became addicted! I'm still very much trying everything out and being a sponge, learning as much as possible. With the assignments I'm aiming to vary my subjects and have a range of shots at the end of the module. Assignment one was my first nude shoot and assignment two my first time booking an MUA, models and setting the whole thing up solo. I haven't really done much still life so trying it out and seeing if it grabs me like fashion and people did. Before the course I was only interested in landscape and wildlife and always asked people to move out of my way! Ideally I wanted to use one of my photogenic cats as a subject, but with positioning them while I played with the lights would have been nigh on impossible. The subject and shots definitely weren't box ticking, all were thought out and ideas planned in advance. Looks like I have a lot to learn about still life to make it more appealing, but it will be a fun challenge

    I'm going to take this as a learning point moving forwards. I am still keen to try different subjects and ideas for this first module. I definitely take the assignments seriously and put in a lot of work so I hope my tutor doesn't feel the same. I've learnt so much already and hope to keep learning and improving month by month.

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