Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exhibition - Steve McCurry

I went to this exhibition whilst I was in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I've noticed that when I travel I tend to visit a lot more photography exhibitions, it's become a priority for me. These were exhibited along with many others in a room at the top of the Castle overlooking the city which made for a lovely setting. He is a photographer I hadn't come across before, but now I see his prints and photographs everywhere. He is a Magnum photographer and his main website is here.

What I loved about his pictures in general was the colours and textures. His pictures really sum up moods as well and they are so vivid you feel like you are being drawn into the images in the various exotic locations. My favourite pictures from the exhibition are below and I will definitely be looking up more of his work moving forwards.

Coal Miner Smoking, Afghanistan, 2002
Such intense eyes and I love the whispy smoke trail. If only my portraits were half as good as this I would be a happy photographer. The dirt is so engrained into his face and hand, I wonder if he is ever able to get completely clean.

Young Monks Video Games, Indonesia, 2001
Wonderful composition and colours. The red stands out beautifully form the textured grey/blue background. The boys without the games look they are having more fun than those with the games though!

Elephant and Man Reading, Chaing Mai, 2010
Here I love the gentleness of the young elephant as it leans against the young man who is so engrossed in his book. It almost looks like the elephant is trying to read the book over the man's shoulder like people do on the tube.

Holi Festival, Rajasthan India, 1996
Just look at the colours. The green man being carried by whose covered in red powder. It definitely conveys the idea of a religious celebration in the pose and expression of rapture on the green man's face.

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