Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project The Time of Day : Exercise Variety with a Low Sun

All of the shots below were taken in one evening while the sun was approaching the horizon and sunset. The weather has been so mixed over the summer it took me a while to find a pleasant evening wtht enough sun to get these shots.

DSC_0299 : Front Lighting
The wooden cat statue is beautifully lit up by the sun giving the wood a lovely warm hue. The shadow is quite hard and long, but I really like the effect.

DSC_0300 : Side Lighting
I can see how this would work nicely with portraits or a subject with more detail to pick out on one side. Still a nice colour to the wood as a result of the low sun.

DSC_0301 : Back Lighting
I love this silhouette effect produced by back lighting. You can still make out some detail on the wooden cat, but its a lovely way to show the shape of the subject. The warm sun colours on the pavement add to the effect.

DSC_0302 : Edge Lighting
I think I have the idea of this right. I spent a while looking for images online to get an idea of the effect to go for. The lens flare is a little annoying, but it was hard getting the positioning right here.

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