Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project The Time of Day : Exercise Light Through the Day

For this exercise I completed the pictures over two days. The first day I took photos from 12:30pm until sunset at 8:30pm every hour with an extra photo at 8pm. The second day I took photos from 30mins before sunrise starting at 5:30am until 11:30am. My landscape was Colley Hill in Surrey near Reigate. It's part of the North Downs which leads across to Box Hill which is a favourite spot of mine. 

This was the first time I had been here. I did some research online after a friend recommended it to me as fitting the brief of the exercise. The structure which is the Inglis memorial was donated to the Borough by Lieutenant Colonel Inglis in 1909. It was originally a drinking fountain for horses and during my second trip was frequented by cows who took shade there for a couple of hours giving me something to pet between shots. 

I experimented taking shots from a variety of different angles and think that the two series below are the best set ups to show the changing light throughout the day. I went into this exercise thinking I would enjoy the lighting the most around the later part of the day coming up to sunset. I like long shadows and I imagined that the light would be less harsh than during the middle of the day. There were a few nice surprises though.

 DSC_0263 - DSC_0280 were taken looking towards the East and back towards the memorial. Here I like the play of light and the colour best in 0268 which was taken at 9:30am. A close second favourite is 0278 taken at 7:30pm. Again here the memorial is partially hidden in shows and partly illuminated by the low sun.

DSC_0281 - DSC_0298 were taken from behind the memorial facing towards the West. In hindsight looking back through the photographs, I prefer this set to the first one. It picks up more of the movement of light throughout the day. My favourite picture here is 0285 taken at 8:30am where the pillars make really interesting shadows on the ground. Part of the memorial is lit up on the right hand side and the sun is shining on the path in an attractive way. I also really like the long shadows in 0296 taken at 7:30pm. There is a little flare on the top right corner of the memorial which works quite nicely too.

I didn't expect to enjoy shooting in the morning so much. The light seemed more golden than during the sunset and seemed to retain the golden quality for longer early on. It really emphasises that the shadows will always fall to the opposite side of the light and that with some practise they can make for a really interesting subject.

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