Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project The Time of Day : Exercise Cloudy Weather and Rain

Part One - Cloudy Versus Sunny Conditions

DSC_0303 : Cloudy

 DSC_0304 : Sunny
 DSC_0305 : Sunny
 DSC_0306 : Cloudy

The different between the first set of shots is the shadows on the face. As the cloud covers the sun, his face becomes partially hidden by shadows. The houses in the second set really show the difference in colour between sunny and cloudy conditions. The cloudy shot definitely looks more blue/grey in comparison to the sunny one. I think for photographing things like rock formations with lots of nooks and crannies, being photographed under cloudy conditions might work better to bring out all of the shadows and details.

Part Two - Overcast Conditions



I think the detail of these subjects works nicely being shot on an overcast day. The light from the sun isn't casting distracting shadows that blue the details. The pink highlights on the rose also come out nicely under these conditions.

Part Three - Rain



Sadly no rainbows were spotted this day. It was a short shower but had been overcast all day. I have taken better pictures with rain, in particular some while I was in Slovenia in May. It poured with rain one morning when I was visiting Lake Bled which made this beautiful rolling mist come down from the surrounding hills making lovely patterns over the forests. I've also taken some shots of a model during light rain that give some great reflections. I think I love shooting just after heavy rain so I'm not worried about my camera, but get the effect of the lights in the water, the mist in the air and the crispness of the sky. I definitely don't stop just because of a little rain!

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