Friday, August 17, 2012

Project The Intensity of Light : Exercise Measuring Exposure

The four shots below were all taken at +1 exposure compensation. In all of them I wanted to bring the white out without blowing the exposure. I also wanted to try and keep the details in all four pictures. All pictures were taken while I was away on holiday (the top three were taken in Slovenia and the fourth was taken in Croatia).





Below are the pictures for the second part of the exercise. I took five sets of pictures at different exposures of different types of subjects. In each the exposure I thought would be best is first with going to a smaller aperture for the next two shots and then wider for the last two shots.
DSC_0214 : f7.1 1/640s
DSC_0215 : f8 1/640s
DSC_0216 : f9 1/640s
DSC_0217 : f6.3 1/640s
DSC_0218 : f5.6 1/640s

This one was difficult as I wanted to exposure for the castle as well as the sky. The dark castle was really difficult to show without having the sky go over exposed white. At f7 it's not too bad and I don't think it works in the other shots as well, but I'm not especially happy with any to be honest. This is something I will need to work on.

DSC_0219 : f7.1 1/1000s
DSC_0220 : f8 1/1000s
DSC_0221 : f9 1/1000s
DSC_0222 : f6.3 1/1000s
DSC_0223 : f5.6 1/1000s

A set of shots taken in Dubrovnick, Croatia. This one came out better in the latter two shots at f6.3 and f5.6.

DSC_0224 : f7.1 1/320s
DSC_0225 : f8 1/320s
DSC_0226 : f9 1/320s
DSC_0227 : f6.3 1/320s
DSC_0228 : f5.6 1/320s

This is an island in Croatia and I wanted to try and get the exposure right so you could see the detail on the island without losing the detail in the sky. Any of the first three shots work quite nicely, but the sky is a little too washed out for my tastes in the latter two at f6.3 and f5.6.

DSC_0229 : f4.5 1/320s
DSC_0230 : f5 1/320s
DSC_0231 : f5.6 1/320s
DSC_0232 : f4 1/320s
DSC_0233 : f3.5 1/320s

In hindsight it looks like f4 or f3.5 are better than my initial selection of f4.5. The top three are just a little too dark for my liking on later examination. 

DSC_0234 : f2.4 1/60s
DSC_0235 : f2 1/60s
DSC_0236 : f1.7 1/60s
DSC_0237 : f2.8 1/60s
DSC_0238 : f.3 1/60s

For this set I like the first three exposures and think any would work. The darker ones not so much though. The low f numbers really show the colour of the bottle and the detail of the water inside it. 

The up shot of it is that I am still learning to choose the correct exposure without using bracketing and having to take a number of test shots first. Hopefully the more I practise the easier this will come and the better my shots will look. 

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