Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project The Colour of Light : Judging Colour Temperature 2

A series of three set ups with three pictures as part of each. The first with daylight white balance, the second shade white balance and the third auto white balance. 

DSC_0254 : Full sunlight, daylight WB

DSC_0255 : Full sunlight, shade WB

DSC_0256 : Full sunlight, auto WB

Auto and daylight WB are similar colour wise in this set. The shade WB makes the colour a lot more orange than it is naturally. I think I like the daylight WB the best, but with the auto WB a very close second.

DSC_0257 : Shade, daylight WB

DSC_0258 : Shade, shade WB

DSC_0259 : Shade, auto WB

The first and second shots are very grey/blue in colour. The middle shot at shade WB is the only one that keeps the natural colouring of the wooden mask. It is my favourite of this series of three pictures.

DSC_0260 : Low sun, daylight WB

DSC_0261 : Low sun, shade WB

DSC_0262 : Low sun, auto WB

The colouring is more orange in the middle shade WB photo. The intensity of the colour is slightly brighter in the daylight shot compared with the auto WB picture and is slightly my favourite. 

Such a difference something as simple as changing the white balance makes! I have been experimenting in my non course photography and using white balance creatively to give my photos different effects. It's the good thing about shooting in RAW. I can leave the camera set to auto WB and play with it in Lightroom afterwards to see the different effects on my pictures and choose which one appeals to me the most during post processing.

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