Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reflections on Assignments Two and Three

I thought I would try and summarise some of my key learning notes moving from assignment two to assignment three like I did between the first two assignments. This time I tried to carry on in a similar vein to how I presented the second assignment but with the added inclusion of some of my hand written journal pages as requested by my tutor. When I started the course I began a written account as well as a digital one to complement it with notes from books I have read, definitions and insights while out and about. I write quite sporadically as I'm doing a lot more practical work at the moment, but this fluctuates a fair bit.

One thing I am learning about myself is that I am turning into a perfectionist and becoming quite critical of my own work. I was mostly really pleased with my submission for assignment two and felt like I put a lot of creative work into it. Assignment three was more tricky as I had to vary my subject matter much more and I was happy with around 75% of it in the end (I wasn't sure about how the flower shots turned out). The rest I kept tweaking and I went back and did a few of the shots again. It got to the point though where I didn't think I was ever going to be completely happy so I sent it in.

I like when I can take an idea and make a narrative out of it so I am very much looking forward to doing part five and already have lots of ideas for the assignment. What made the third assignment more difficult than I anticipated was trying to think of a pay to have it all tie together and be a cohesive project. I'm really happy with how I connected the colours and ideas in the end, even if I'm not completely happy with all of the final outcome shots.

I've been experimenting so much since starting this course and trying a bit of everything to try and find my niche and what I enjoy. I'm finding myself mostly drawn to alternative fashion, macro and wildlife photography so far. Shooting people and macro is still very new to me and I have so much to learn. I will continue to push myself and try new things and see if there are other areas that catch my attention.

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