Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Colour Relationships : Colours into Tones in Black and White

I know it's not very original to use the same subjects as those in the exercise, but I thought they worked so well that I couldn't resist. I used a little blue chopping board, the end of a red pepper, the end of some green courgette and some grated yellow cheese. I used my speed light to even out the lighting and the top section is some grey opaque material. 

DSC_0206 : Without changing any settings (Yellow Filter)

DSC_0207 : Red Filter

DSC_0208 : Green Filter

DSC_0209 : Blue Filter

I first really started working with black and white during the second module of this course where I converted everything into black and white. I'm still quite new to Photoshop Elements (which I used for this exercise) so hadn't really experimented with the effect of changing the coloured sliders when converting much. Since doing this exercise it's really helped when changing strongly coloured images into black and white. There is a club near by with very strong red lighting so having more of an understanding of this technique has really helped when taking photos there recently. It never really occurred to me much before that there are different "colours" of black and white, but now it all makes sense and I can see it when looking through magazines and photographs. I look forward to using this much more when editing pictures.

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