Monday, April 16, 2012

Project What Makes a Colour : Exercise Control the Strength of a Colour

I took the first picture of a tulip with raindrops on auto mode and then used manual for all of the other shots. I replicated the white balance, shutter speed and ISO and only changed the aperture as requested. I didn't use a tripod so they are slightly different in composition, but I kept them as close to the same as possible. A tiny bit of green crept in to a couple of the shots in the corner, but I didn't want to edit them at all and just used the JPGs straight from the camera.

DSC_0177 : 1/320 f9
DSC_178 : 1/320 f8
DSC_0179 : 1/320 f7.1
DSC_0180 : 1/320 f10
DSC_181 : 1/320 f11

I've hopefully got the different correct between brightness and saturation, but to me it looks like when shot at f7.1 the red of the tulip is more intense and saturated. The shot at f11 is the least saturated and weak in red colour. The shot at f11 is the darkest and the shot at f7.1 the lightest and brightest.

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