Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Colour Relationships : Exercise Colour Relationships

I was able to take many of these pictures quite by accident. I visited Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property with the intention of looking at the flowers and taking a couple of shots, but when I got there I started noticing all of the different colour combinations for this exercise. Luckily I don't go anywhere without my folder with the section I am working on with me so I could double check the specifics.




Once I found the colour combinations, it was just a case of putting them in the correct ratios :
Red 1 : Green 1
Orange 1 : Blue 2
Yellow 1 : Violet 3
Two (DSC_0200 and DSC_0202) of the pictures are flowers and DSC_0201 is of a post that had once been painted blue but had orange paint underneath it which came through the areas it was peeling. 

Below are some colour combinations I found that worked well :

DSC_0203 : Orange and Yellow oils

DSC_0204 : Green and Yellow. This is a combination that I keep seeing everywhere now I have started noticing it and it's one that really appeals.

DSC_0205 : Violet and Green. Another common combination and one that I particularly love. Incidentally purple/violet is my favourite colour and green is my husbands so it makes sense to me that they go together so well.

The colours I picked complement each other rather than contrast, but I so enjoy combinations like orange and pinks that are similar but do have a bit of an imbalance. I found this an interesting exercise as I never thought about these combinations of primary and secondary colours. I remember my gran always telling me "red and green must never be seen", but in nature it works really well. Orange and blue is the least appealing of the three. I'm not a fan of orange as a colour but I especially don't like the effect of it next to blue. Yellow and violet look stunning together though.

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