Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project Building a Library of Colours : Exercise Primary and Secondary Colours

It took me a while to find the right blue and in the end I used a sellotape holder that I have had for so long it even has my name written on it by my mum from when I was a child! That shade of blue is hard to find in nature. I would have used a flower for the red, but I used it for the previous exercise so I varied it with a red bowling pin. The orange is a traffic cone, the yellow some beautiful petals in a bush, the green a clump of leaves and the violet is a coat of mine. For all of these shots I used the auto mode on my camera to take the first one. I then used the manual setting for the second two of each colour and replicated the shutter speed and ISO, just changing the aperture half a stop down and then up each time.

Red :

 DSC_0182 f11
 DSC_0183 f10 - This one looks to me to be the closest to the red in the colour wheel

 DSC_0184 f13

Orange :
 DSC_0185 f8
 DSC_0186 f7.1
 DSC_0187 f9 - This looks to me to be the closest to the orange in the colour wheel.

Yellow :
 DSC_0188 f9
 DSC_0189 f8 - This to me is the closest to the yellow in the colour wheel.

 DSC_0190 f10

Green :
 DSC_0191 f7.1 - This to my eyes is the closest to the green in the colour wheel.

 DSC_0192 f6.3
 DSC_0193 f8

Blue :
 DSC_0194 f4 - This is the closest blue to the blue of the colour wheel.

 DSC_0195 f4.5
 DSC_0196 f3.5

Violet :
 DSC_0197 f6.3
DSC_0198 f5.6 - Of the three this looks the closest to the violet of the colour wheel.

DSC_0199 f7.1

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