Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Local Camera Club

Tonight I went to a local camera club for my second visit. The first had been a talk on composition and this was a competition night with photographs on slides. They were all taken on film cameras and the only editing done (if any) to the pictures was cropping. I grew up using film cameras but haven't shot with one since I was a young teenager. I've never had a chance to use manual settings on a film camera so this was fascinating. Some of the shots weren't to my tastes, but a few really caught my eye. One of my two favourites was a close up shot of a maritime sculpture made from stone. The photographer had composed it beautifully to highlight the shapes and captured the texture of the stone fantastically. My other favourite shot was of a large lake with mountains rising behind it which were reflected in the lake. on the lake in a line were three boats. The shot was taken from low down and looked amazing. It was interesting to hear a judge go through and critique the shots and seeing if I agreed or not with their comments. A different learning experience that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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