Saturday, April 7, 2012

Further experimenting with Macro

The weather was lovely in the morning yesterday so I drove over to Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property. I had originally intended to visit an arboretum for the first time, but the traffic was so bad I pulled off a junction early and went here instead. The goal was to start getting some shots for the colour section and practise with my macro lens as it had some lovely gardens. I got some very colourful shots of flowers as well as quite a few photos I might use for the colour combinations exercise, but what I was most happy with at the end of the day was capturing this little guy settling on a branch at head height. I tried to track him (or her) fluttering about but it was far too difficult as his flight was so erratic and fast. He finally settled on a branch and if I hadn't seen him do so there is no chance I would have been able to spot him as well camouflaged as he was with the branch and bud forming at it's tip. I took a few shots getting closer and closer each time as I wasn't sure how easily scared he would be. Turns out not at all and I left with this final shot. What I'm most pleased is that zooming in it's sharp all the way through and I focused on the head and antennae.

Sadly he's not colourful enough to use for this project, but I'm very much enjoying honing my skills in this new to me branch of photography. I'm also thinking about looking into going to a butterfly house and using them for my subject for the assignment at the end of the section. If I can't find all of the colour combinations I could get some models or toy butterflies and mix it up with a few still life shots to round out the collection and keep it on a theme.

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