Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Shapes : Real and Implied Triangles

Real Triangles : This was easier to do than I expected. I haven't really made a point of noticing triangles out and about before. Lines and curves yes, but not really other shapes. Once I did start looking though, it seemed there were triangles everywhere just like the diagonals, curves and lines.

DSC_0169 : Trianglar subject is the top of a roof above a shop and gym.

DSC_0170 : Upward Triangle I made from the top of a building near the tram stop which added in diagonal lines as well. I pointed the camera upwards to emphasise the shape.

DSC_0171 : Inverted Triangle I made by pointing the camera down and at an angle where the road went down an incline. It's very close to the real triangle, but I didn't spot it until a week afterwards walking home one afternoon on the opposite side of the road from usual. I used the brick wall post to form the near side and the line at the top of the incline forms the third side.

Implied Triangles : I found this difficult as I am not very experienced taking still life photographs posed like this. I tried to use different subjects for the two posed triangles to keep things interesting.

DSC_0172 : Upright Triangle made of poppets with some in focus and others out and gazing off mysteriously. I also shifted the angle so it wasn't straight on to try and make the shot a bit more interesting.
DSC_0173 : Inverted Triangle made of books and a computer game. Reading is a big hobby of mine as is playing computer games so I combined them with my love of photography.

DSC_0174 : Group picture of a family (mine) sitting down to dinner and saying grace beforehand. This was the easiest of the three pictures in this exercise to take and came the most naturally to me. With the three of them they form a lovely triangle with their arms.

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