Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Points : Exercise The Relationship Between Points

I had the idea for taking pictures of my husbands eyes before I read the second part of the exercise below the pictures and was annoyed that my idea had already been thought of. Eyes are definitely naturally occurring as a pair of points so they made an idea subject for this set of pictures. I got him to sit still and then varied my viewpoint while taking the shots and chose my favourite three and converted them to black and white. I like that in all three he is looking off in different directions and your eye follows his line of sight wondering what he is looking at beyond the frame.

DSC_0142 : Here the right eye as you look at the picture is stronger. It's more focused and with the light and size takes up more of the shot. It's also nearer the viewer which again emphasises it's importance.
DSC_0143 : This is more difficult as they are pretty balanced (as was my intention) in this shot. For me my eye is drawn to the right eye slightly more as I think I follow the slant down from left to right. I also like the pin prick of light being more centred in the right eye.

DSC_0144 : The right eye is sharper and the brow more defined which pulls my gaze in. The spot of light also helps again.

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