Friday, March 23, 2012

Photographer Friday

Doing some reading on the internet I came across an article on Jimmy Williams who has done some beautiful landscape photography. The images below are a couple of my favourites and show nicely some of the elements of design that I have been learning about for this module. Over the last 30 years his assignments have taken him across most of the world and he has a series of shots on his website of Tuscany landscapes. His focus is mostly portrait and travel photography, but he also has fine art and stock sections in his portfolio. He looks to be referred to as a visual storyteller which is a lovely description. Being a fan of graphic and visual novels it conjours up ideas of fairy tale realms.

I love the light in this shot as it rolls across the hills. It gives it the feel of a painting with the soft warm tones.

Lovely leading lines of the trees to the house in the distance. It reminds me of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. His house was secluded and I always imagine Beauty travelling down a long, tree lined road to find him living alone in the house at the end.

This has a lot of the design elements form the current module in. Diagonals and curves as well as a single point in the ruined house.

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