Friday, March 2, 2012

Photographer Friday

Paolo Roversi is my featured photographer this week. I stumbled across his work in the new British Journal of Photography (Volume 159 Issue 7798). He was born in Italy in 1947 and is a portrait fashion photographer working in his simplistic studio. He started out developing his prints in a darkroom he set up in his cellar. In 1973 he moved to Paris and began working with Elle magazine after working with Associated Press back in Italy. His first major fashion story was published in Marie Claire.

In the interview in BJP he says "my way to take a photograph, it's a subtraction. It's the essence of the subject. That's what's important to me". He is now one of the world's most sought after fashion photographers after securing his reputation in the mid-1980s. His work space and studio is stripped back to just a room in Southern Paris. Having such a set place of work has really helped though as here "I know the light by heart, the reflections on the wall".

One of his few shots that I have seen with a hint of colour but still very much keeps to his usual aesthetic. Although the outfit is super complicated, the shot somehow still gives off his simplistic aura. The pose with the bent knee and pointed toe gives shape to the expansive dress and coat/cape. She looks like a fashionable snowy owl.

This is my favourite from what I have seen so far of his portraits. The tones are just beautiful and the models eyes go right through me. Such a simple picture but the expression on her face tells such a story. It sounds mean but it's a children of the corn or demon possession kind of look and if you have learnt anything about me by now from looking through my blog, you will have picked up this is exactly what I like! It's like the dark side of modelling presented in stunning fashion. She also looks very like actress Chloe Mortez who I am a big fan of.

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