Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Club

Last night I managed to stay awake after work and finally make it down to my local camera club. I wasn't really sure quite what to expect besides that they were due to have a lecture. I hadn't really given much thought as to how many people I was expecting, but the church hall room where they meet weekly was packed with around 30 enthusiasts. I only got a chance to chat with a couple of gentlemen, but they were all very welcoming and friendly and I quickly got over my shyness. The group was mostly men of autumn years with a couple of ladies. I think I was the youngest with three or four being around my age group and everyone I chatted with seemed to have different photographic interests which should make for some fun conversations in the future.

The lecture was put together last minute as the original speaker called off as she was unfortunately ill. Mike stepped in and went through composition in just under two hours and did a great job. He mentioned a few topics I've covered so far doing this course (shapes, diagonals, triangles etc) as well as contrasts. One quote he put up I need to give some thought to that "artists include and photographers exclude" (apologies I missed where it came from). I'm not sure I agree here and I expect I will come back to this in a couple of weeks. Mike used his own photographs (bar two) to illustrate his points which were great and having visual images always helps. It gave me a few new ideas to think about and experiment with over the next few days.

I wont be going for the next couple of weeks while they have their AGM and a break for Easter, but after that I fully intend to participate and become an active member. They also run a lot of competitions and while I'm still very much a beginner, it can't hurt to have a go and get some extra feedback.

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