Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

Last weekend I went to the Wildlife Photography Exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. It's the third one I've been to now and as usual I found it left me feeling part depressed and part inspired. Depressed as I always so amazed and humbled by the fantastic photography and I get down on myself feeling like I will never be as good. Inspired as I think sod it, I want to push myself and do better and one day get something worthy of exhibiting or at least entering.

The below picture won the award for 2011 and shows pelicans covered in oil. It sums up the issues with pollution without needing any words to describe it which is part of the appeal. It was taken by Daniel Beltra as part of the photojournalism section. It's interesting that this one was chosen at a time when environmental issues are so important and publicised in these current times. Some of the other photos were better (although how you define that is subjective), but this packed more of a punch making it a clear stand out winner.

This was one of the shots that really stood out to me in the insect category. I love the simplicity. It was taken by Adithya Biloor who saw the branch and spent hours waiting for an insect to alight on it. Finally an ant did for a few moments and they were able to snap this excellent shot. It's about the beauty in the simple shapes.
The only thing that I didn't like was it was super busy and there wasn't really space to properly study and enjoy the photos or make notes. I am so glad I went though as the exhibition is due to finish in another couple of weeks and it is one that I look forward to each time it is on.

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