Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Looking Through the Viewfinder : Exercise A Sequence of Composition

I took a total of 30 photos for this exercise and had three different sets of sequences. It was Chinese New Year recently and I went to the parade and celebrations in London which is the largest celebration outside of Asia. From my first vantage point of the parade I couldn't get any decent photos as it was super busy, so once it had completely passed by me I ran around to further along the line and was able to watch the whole thing again. I knelt on the gravel the second time which really hurt my knee, but I was much happier with the end results.

The first sequence of pictures (DSC_0036-DSC_0045) I took were of the Chinese dragon starting off the parade. The first shot is pretty crap with a persons arm in the way. From there I tried to get closer and focus in on the front of the dragon. The third shot was working a bit better, but I felt that it would look better from the side to show the length and the movement that the children were doing with it. It was twisting and turning on it's sticks and constantly being moved. The next five show different takes on this where I was trying to get the right shot of the movement with the head of the dragon in the shot as well which was harder than it sounds. Especially trying to figure out where to focus and only having a limited amount of time to do it. DSC_0043 is the best and the final shot I took in this sequence, but the dragon's head is slightly out of focus still annoyingly. The final two shots I experimented taking shots to eh head of the dragon. Once from front on and the final shot from the side. The front on shot is more dynamic, but it was so difficult to get a clean shot as it was still super busy. Of the dragon head shots the final one DSC_0045 is my favourite just as it's less cluttered and really stands out against the dark background. It's the sharpest of the series and the colours really pop.

The second set of pictures I took (DSC_0046-DSC_0051) were of two of the dancers, in particular the lady in green. I didn't have a great deal of time to take these so I didn't end up with a shot I was 100% happy with sadly. The first shot shows the dancers approaching but is framed terribly with too much clutter. I moved closer to the middle of the road to take the second shot, but it's still too cluttered. The third and fourth I zoomed in a bit closer and tried to get the dancers to take up the whole frame. This was where I really noticed the lady in green and the way she was dancing so the final two shots are close ups of her alone. You can see her face in the first but there is still some clutter in the shot with the other dancers food. In the final shot it's better composed but she is looking down so it loses the impact.

My final set of shots (DSC_00520DSC_0065) were of the martial artists. These guys were great to watch and began with an adult, then a younger guy and then the youngest of all. My aim here was to get a great action shot. The first four are of the adult male with the first two not being very interesting where he is getting ready to do a move. The third he was showing off some positions which still wasn't very exciting. Shots four and five he is in the air doing some kicks. The first one isn't very well composed with a lady's camera phone in the way. The second is a much better shot, but I felt I could do better as the crowd don't look too impressed. DSC_0057-DSC_0059 show a young male doing moves with a stick. The composition is improving and the crowd are starting to get more involved and excited by his actions and movements. I was still trying to move around at ground level and balance keeping the focus on the performer and their movements. DSC_0060-DSC_0065 are my favourite shots of the set. The big was the youngest of the performers. DSC_0060 he was getting ready to start his routine, 0061 is getting more exciting and complex and 0062 he looks like he is falling backwards on to the floor, but in reality he is springing forwards. The action is just what I was looking for, but the crowd isn't quite right so I persisted for a bit longer. For the final three shots I got as close as I could while he finished his routine. The final two are my favourites though because as well as the awesome action the crowd look completely delighted. In DCS_0064 the lady on the left is clapping and has a massive smile on her face and in DSC_0065 everyone is intent on taking his picture or clapping. Plus it's better composed with the boy in the middle surrounded by a completely captivated audience. I was finally happy with the last shot which summed up the whole spirit of the show.

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