Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Looking Through the Viewfinder : Exercise Object in Different Positions in the Frame

I had a couple of goes at this exercise and couldn't decide which set of pictures to use. There is nothing to say you can't do an exercise more than once, so I figured why not use both sets. The first set I took at Kelsey Park in Beckenham. It was the day after the heavy snow here and most of the lake was still frozen. I had a great time taking shots of Canada Geese as they flew from the small patch of water over and onto the ice parts. They kicked up a lot of spray when they landed. The second set I took was of a ladybird poppet statue which is red and black against the grain of our wooden kitchen table.

These are my first two shots without really thinking about the composition too much.


The second set here is with the subject in the far right of the shot.


The third shot is of the subject a little way off centre.



The final shot has the goose or poppet in the centre of the frame.


Interestingly looking at the two sets I prefer different orders. Goose shots from most favourite to least in terms of what I think works : 29>31>28>30. Poppet shots from most to least favourite : 34>33>32>35. I like the goose all the way off to the right so you can see the full spray and it gives it room to travel forwards into. With the poppet, a little off centre works best for me and with it looking off to the left it makes more sense to me to have more space on that side. Having the subject at least a little off centre makes it stand out more against the background. The unbalance really works I think.

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