Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Looking Through the Viewfinder : Exercise Fitting the Subject to the Frame

I set out into London to look for a subject for the photo. I ended up around Oxford Circus tube station when I spotted this beautiful tudor style building which I had never spotted before. It was really unusual amid the modern glass buildings and chain stores so I used it as my subject.

DSC_0022 : This was the first picture I took from the end of the road without really thinking about it. It's pretty crappy with all the people and the ugly lorry and van parked in the way as well as being hidden by some of the side buildings.

DSC_0023 : I moved closer to the building, walking down the street, trying to fit the building into the frame so it filled it completely. You can see more of the detail on the building exterior with the wooden balconies around the first floor.

DSC_0024 : Taken as a close up of the writing Liberty. Here you can't see any edges of the building and I love the word Liberty with the double white stripes and window squares.

DSC_0025 : Take two on fitting the building to the frame with a different perspective. It gives a better representation of the depth of the building and the shapes. The idle section really stands out from the set back flanks which can clearly be seen in this shot. Also you can start to see the pub style sign on the front.

From looking about a bit, although it looks like a beautiful pub it's actually a department store (boo). Quite a posh one at that with some very stylish clothes. If only I had the money to shop there.
DSC_0026 : Another take on fitting the building to the frame. You can see her the golden boat on the top (I assume it was called Liberty and that is what the building is named after). The five chimney stacks also are nicely in the top left corner.

DSC_0027 : This is the final picture which shows the building in full with a bit more of the environment around it. You can see some of the other buildings at the far left just about in a more typical brick London style. The sky was really overcast making it look pretty much white as a backdrop.

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