Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Frames Shapes and Sizes : Exercise Vertical and Horizontal Frames

I did this exercise in two different churches in Croydon (the town where I live) on two different weekends. The first four are in St Michaels and the rest are from what is nicknames Croydon Parish Church. I didn't like enough of the first shoot to use them all, so had another go around. For each show I composed them based on portrait/vertical orientation and then recomposed for the landscape/horizontal orientation. I'm not sure I felt restricted to trying to shoot only tall subjects, but I know that I do tend to take way more horizontal shots than I do vertical. It was good to challenge that view and think outside my regular box. Looking back over them, turns out there are a number with the weighting in the bottom half of the frame (0094, 0102, 0104, 0108 and 0122 are just a few examples).

Vertical :

Horizontal :
DSC_0094 - DSC0133.

Something I am doing on Flickr is taking a photo a day and I think that I will challenge myself to take the next five daily photos in vertical/portrait orientation to keep challenging how I see life through the viewfinder.

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