Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Focus : Exercise Focus at Different Apertures

For this exercise I used the slats on the back of a park bench. I used spot focusing on the nearest flat with the bird poo running down it! I balanced the camera on the arm of the bench as I still haven't got a decent tripod. It's at the top of my list as soon as I have some money to buy one.

DSC_0019 - Aperture 2.8f
Here you can see that the slats nearest to the camera only are in focus. The first one definitely and the second is mostly in focus. The later ones as well as the flowers by the furtherest arm of the bench are out of focus and blurry.

DSC_0020 - Aperture 11f
The majority of the first half of the slats are in focus. The flowers are a lot clearer but still not completely sharp.

DSC_0021 - Aperture 22f
There isn't too much difference between this and the previous picture. It's slightly sharper but still not completely in focus. The plaque is not focused in any of the pictures, but this gives the most shallow depth of field.

I like playing with depth of field and I still prefer the first picture where the foreground is focused and the further points are out of focus. I just like the effect I guess. It isn't always appropriate to use all of the time, but it's still one of my favourite effects and it's so simple and easy to use.

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