Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Focal Lengths : Exercise Focal Lengths and Different Viewpoints

I took these shots on the top of Box Hill where there was an abandoned or lost scarf that someone had hung up in a tree in case the owner came back and took pity on it. In both shots I focused on the 72 number on the bottom of the scarf. I filled the frame with the scarf and the tree it was hanging from in both shots as both had some depth (also there are the trees and wooded areas in the background).

DSC_0086 : Taken at 200mm focal length from a distance (F6.3)

DSC_0087 : Taken at 17mm walking much closer towards the scarf (F3.5)

The extra detail in the second shot taken at 17mm gives the impression of being closer than the shot taken at 200mm. You can see more of the fluff of the wool and more of the moss and grain of the bark. The different in aperture also makes a difference in the feel of the two photographs. The first throws the background out of focus which gives it more depth and more of the feeling that you are further away (again this may be the way I perceive it as I am short sighted).

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