Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project Focal Lengths : Exercise Focal Lengths

I had two goes at this exercise again and used two different lenses taking shots at ten different focal lengths. The first time I did the exercise at Kelsey Park looking out over the icy lake to the geese meandering under a lovely wooden bridge. The second time was overlooking the South Bank, London Eye, parliament buildings and Big Ben. I thought it was about time I mixed up my shots and took some at night time. Personally I like the second set of photos more and it was fun trying slightly different compositions.

DSC_0066 and DSC_0076 were at 17mm
DSC_0067 and DSC_0077 were at 21mm
DSC_0068 and DSC_0078 were at 28mm
DSC_0069 and DSC_0079 were at 35mm
DSC_0070 and DSC_0080 were at 50mm
DSC_0071 and DSC_0081 were at 70mm
DSC_0072 and DSC_0082 were at 100mm
DSC_0073 and DSC_0083 were at 135mm
DSC_0074 and DSC_0084 were at 200mm
DSC_0075 and DSC_0085 were at 300mm

Of the different shots I prefer different focal lengths between the two sets. Of the Kelsey Park set I like the composition of the 300mm shot and of the South Bank pictures I prefer the one at 50mm where it has part of the London Eye and all of the other buildings. One is a wide angle shot and the other a telephoto showing that both work well in different situations.

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