Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Dividing the Frame : Positioning the Horizon

Another chance to take advantage of the snow. I did originally do this exercise at the top of Box Hill, but it was really misty and the horizon wasn't a straight line so I did it again a week later using a field with a strong line of trees. The trees make the horizon really clear despite the similarities in the colours of the sky and snow covered ground.

DSC_0088 - DSC_0093
The sky is far too dull to work in the last two, but if it was more dramatic I can see it looking really cool in another situation. Likewise I don't think the horizon bisecting the centre of the photo works either. The first three to me work best as compositions and unusually I like the first one best. Perhaps it just because I like snow and we so rarely get it here (we only had one day of snow this winter which was bizarrely in February). The tree line at the top suits the dull and moody colours.

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