Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Dividing the Frame : Exercise Balance

I ended up picking 7 photos in the end, but after the first 3 it was really difficult. I had fun drawing the pivot diagrams showing balance and scanned the drawing into the computer and posted it below. The easy ones to pick out were DSC_0022, DSC_0024 and DSC_0081. The metronome has the appearance of two prongs giving it balance and the Liberty building has the obvious double white stripes. Then the two buildings are duplicate shapes of each other and balance. On closer examination I spotted the balance between the road and the flower bed, the two smaller roof tops, the two different coloured dancers and the dancer in the middle of the circle of people. They are all pretty simple compositions too like the text in the exercise says "In general, the simpler the composition of a photograph - that is, the fewer and more distance the elects - the more obvious the balance will be".

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