Friday, February 24, 2012

Photographer Friday

Being a bit oblivious to famous influential photographers I only just came across Diane Arbus whilst reading The Photographer by Graham Clarke. She was born in 1923 and committed suicide in 1971. She started out with her husband working in fashion photography contributing to Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar among others. They are quoted as never liking the fashion industry and in 1956 Diane quit to move into her own projects. She developed her own style of square black and white portraits and one of her most well know if of two identical twin girls below.

The title is Identical Twins, but it's only when you start really looking that you start to see all the differences between the two. From their expressions to the way the one on the right holds the bottom of her dress.

This picture is A Naked Man Being a Woman. Arbus spent a lot of time photographing minorities and people often overlooked by the "normal" population such as drag queens and dwarves. She spent a lot of time building up personal relationships and often took many photographs of subjects over a number of years. This is something that really appeals to me, seeing how the years affect different people and professions.

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