Friday, February 17, 2012

Photographer Friday

Sam Cooper has caught my eye recently being featured in a couple of magazines. His main website is here and he also has a Flickr page here. He takes pictures of extreme sports mostly skate boarding and roller blading. His speed lights are an essential part of his kit as the majority of his shoots are at night. They are also all urban shots with the skaters using everyday urban objects as props. Part of why he has been so successful and accepted is he is a rollerblader himself and this is the culture he is a big part of.

Here are two of his shots that I really like. This shows a rollerblader caught in the middle of a jump. He often uses a fish eye lens (it seems to be a style of extreme sports photographers) and it works really nicely here. The hint of colour really plays up the urban angle of the shoot. The shot is taken from close to the ground giving the appearance of even more height to the jump making it look even more extreme and frankly cool! Another lovely bit of composition is the the railing nicely bisects the windows and follows the squares and rectangles on the side of the building and the lines of the steps.

Another night time shot but this time no action. Here the bladder looks like they are contemplating their next move and jump and is about to get going and give it a go. The light here is lovely with the figure, grass and red boots nicely lit up. It also looks like he's sitting behind a starting line on the bench.

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