Friday, February 3, 2012

Photographer Friday

My secret passion is watching America's Next Top Model. I've always loved the creative photoshoot ideas and seeing how the photos came out. It taught me about angles, finding the light introduced me to fashion photography. I'm not really a girly girl so never really looked at fashion magazines growing up so this was the closest I got. Another thing ANTM introduced me to was the awesome Mike Rosenthal. He seems to have always shot the most interesting and quirky shoots. Two that really stand out were when the models had to be different carnival characters. One was a young girl body with an old lady's face, another had an elephant nose, siamese twins and a cannibal girl in a cage. The second shoot that I adored was when the models all had to have killed each other in different ways. One was drowned, another strangled, a third stabbed and a fourth poisoned.

Maybe I'm just morbid, but I think these pictures mostly speak for themselves. Experimenting with opening my eyes again though here it's the body language as well as the light falling on the models leg making it look immensely long despite being trapped in a relatively small cage. Her hands grasping the bars make her look even more like a predator than the body by itself.

The makeup here is so cool. The bruising around the collarbone is really great as well as the model's pose. The set up with the toppled bottle pushes home the message of poison. Then there is the smoke and colour of the whole thing that gives it a sickly look. Despite being dead there is also a great shot of the models eyes.

The light here along the models body is stunning before you even get started on the post and setup. I want that hat she is wearing! The vintage elements are all working really well together here as well. Despite the elephant nose she still looks incredibly beautiful.

Another great post and makeup. Again she looks dead but you still get a good shot of her eyes. The angles of her legs are great and her colouring and styling looks really vivid next to the discoloured and dirty looking bathroom.

On his website there are a lot more shots from his editorial and advertising campaigns that he has worked on as well as some celebrity shots. There are some lovely ones of Johnny Galecki (most recently seen as Leonard in The Big Bang Theory) where he is smiling and laughing. I'm not sure if they were posed or not, but they look really natural and make him look like a really down to earth, relaxed, fun guy to spend time with which surely is the idea.

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