Friday, February 24, 2012

Assignment 1 : Contrasts

I can't believe I have reached the end of the first part! I was so excited to get started, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to commit much time what with working full time and having a husband I barely get to spend time with so when he is around we try to do stuff together. It was actually easy to find or make time though as I have enjoyed doing the course so much so far. I do feel like a lot of the pictures I have taken for the exercises have been pretty crappy. I'm hoping that part of it was just because it has been exercises to introduce me to my camera. That does sound like an excuse though so I will make a point to make my pictures more exciting moving forwards.

On to the contrasts :
This is strong and weak. The dragon is a strong animal and the lovely bold colours emphasise it's strength as well as the open mouth post. Weak is the little baby monkey being cradled in his mothers arms. His expression shows his weakness nicely as well.
Soft and hard here. You can see the fluffy tendrils around the edges of the scarf enhancing the feel of the soft material. The arch is hard as it is made of stone and has been there since Roman times. You also have the background soft looking leaves around the scarf and the hard concrete beneath the arch.
Moving and still. My friend is running and I choose one of the blurry shots from the shoot we did to really emphasise the movement as she runs past the railings and buildings. Still is not only subjects that aren't moving, but sculptures which capture them still in time for eternity. My friends legs are moving in contrast to the open arms and palm of the statues.
Many versus few. Many stripes of the zebra's coat as opposed to one anime girl! She only has two stripes (her legs) in effect.
Liquid and solid show the effect of the different states of water and ice. The goose is kicking up the icy water really showing the liquid, moving aspect of it as opposed to the snow which looks static and solid next to it.
A large monument which fills the frame and even goes outside the frame. The poppet is such a small sculpture which only takes up a tiny portion of the frame. The position of the two subjects in the frame is what really emphasises the contrast here.
Intermittent slats of the bench with the spaces in between can be compared with the organ pipes which are a continuous set with no gaps. The sun and shadow are also intermittent in the first shot versus the continuous colours and tones in the second.
Curved versus straight. The church tower is so straight, it almost leads straight up to god (if you are religious). The pillars up the side and brick work are all straight lines. The shape of the windows all point straight up also. The eagle stands with curved wings on a curved golden ball. His beak is also curved.

A picture to sum up contrast : This was something I thought about for a little while. I went to an anime and manga convention and was hoping to find my subject there. There was a couple who did cross playing (they dressed up as their favourite anime characters but the girl dressed as a male character and her boyfriend dressed as a female character). I thought this would make an excellent contrast, but the light was pretty terrible and I couldn't get a shot of them I was happy with. Instead, this picture came about sort of by accident. I had been in town not long after the snow and had been and walking home. The bottom of my jeans soaked up a lot of water (I wear then too long and they drag along the ground a bit) and dirt from the street so whenI got home I hung them up over a doorframe to dry. Later that evening I was passing on my way to the bathroom when I noticed the bottom of my jeans was glistening and sparkling. Turns out they were encrusted with salt from when the pavements had been gritted. I thought it would make a really interesting photograph so I took a couple.

The pictures didn't quite convey the contrast I was looking for so I changed it into black and white. That really made the white salt stand out against the dark background and I'm really happy with it. The contrast of the regularly shaped salt crystals with the jagged edges of the jeans also contrasts. You also have a natural substance (salt is sodium chloride a basic element) stuck to a manmade one (the denim). Overall I'm really pleased with the pictures I chose and I have learnt more about setting up the picture before taking it. It's all about timing and thinking about where in the frame looks best for what I am photographing. There is no one size fits all by any stretch of the imagination. I'm looking forward to making a start on part two.

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