Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project Photographing Movement : Exercise Shutter Speeds

For this project I borrowed a metronome from a friend as I thought it was perfect for continuous movement. I set my camera on a stack of books and taped some white paper to the back of the metronome. I tried without the paper first but I found the background too distracting. I used the following shutter speeds :

DCS_0022 = 2 seconds - really blurred with two images of the moving part at each end of it's arc. I actually really like this effect where it looks like two sticks moving outwards
DCS_0023 = 1 second - still very blurred with one image of the moving part on the right hand side
DCS_0024 = 1/3 seconds - the proper shape of the moving stick is starting to take form here. This makes a really cool photo.
DCS_0025 = 1/8 seconds - somehow looks more blurry than the previous picture and I don't really like it
DCS_0026 = 1/20 seconds - starting to resolve it's image
DCS_0027 = 1/60 seconds - this looks like you are looking at it through water or without my glasses on and it makes me feel a bit disorientated
DCS_0028 = 1/125 seconds - shows the first signs of sharpness at the bottom of the moving area
DCS_0029 = 1/200 seconds - three quarters is now in focus, just the top area still looks blurry. It just looks like a bad photo!
DCS_0030 = 1/400 seconds - now completely in focus for the first time
DCS_0031 = 1/640 seconds - clear focus but not very interesting
DCS_0032 = 1/1000 seconds - very sharp but again pretty dull as photos go

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