Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Photographing Movement : Exercise Panning with Different Shutter Speeds

For this exercise I enlisted the help of my first willing volunteer, my friend Farah. I had gone to visit her in Norwich and we went to have a look around the grounds of Blickling Estate a National Trust property (on a side note I also signed up as a National Trust member finally so expect more pictures over the coming year of different NT sites). She was in blue and beige so I asked her to run backwards and forwards in front of a red brick wall and some black railings while I tried panning. I've numbered the pictures from 0003 (the previous post has 0001 and 0002) and I used the following shutter speeds :

0003 - 1s
0004 - 1/4s
0005 - 1/20s
0006 - 1/60s
0007 - 1/125s
0008 - 1/320s
0009 - 1/4000s (the fastest my camera shoots at just to test it out. I didn't change the ISO so it came out really dark)
0010 - 1/800s
0011 - 1/2s
0012 - 1/8s
0013 -1/30s
0014 -1/3s
0015 -1s (again)

Of all of them my favourites are 0004, 0011, 0012, 0013, 0014 as well as the 0003 shutter speed one. If I had to choose my stand out one it would have to be 0011. I love the sense of movement and abstract in this picture. I also really like the colour of the streaked bricks in the background and that you still get the sense of a person running and it's not all a complete blur. It's interesting as I haven't tried panning before but have been seeing the technique used quite a bit recently including an article on how to do it to get really cool abstract lines using a tripod. Next time I get down to Brighton I might try it on the beach and see if I can replicate it.

One thing I've noticed already by doing this course is that it is making me question WHY I like photographs rather than just thinking a simple yes or no when I see them. It's so easy to say that I like or dislike something, but it's still quite hard for me to express exactly why that is. It's something I am sure I will develop as I continue learning and working through the exercises, projects and assignments.

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