Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Focus : Exercise Focus with a set aperture

These are the results of the first exercise I have completed for TAOP course. I'm doing them out of order as I'm away from home with no access to a printer. The exercise is to look at depth and the effect of focusing on different areas in the viewfinder. For these I used the railings of a flower bed in Lenta Park, Prague. They were bothl taken with an aperture of 2.8f.

This one has the focus point on the top of the first post. You can see that it has a blur out of focus effect on the posts in the distance.

The second shot has the focus point on one of the posts off to the right near the lamppost. This the it puts the foreground into out of focus as well as the posts on the left.

Personally I like the first photograph with the near point focus better. I like that your eye is drawn to the image close up rather than at a distance. Maybe it's because I am very short sighted and find it easier to see objects and text if it is closer to my face than further away. I can read a book without my glasses on but not a computer screen. I also like the aesthetic of the blur at the furthest away point of the photo. It's an effect I've been experimenting with the last month outside of studying for this course as it happens. It makes it look like things are disappearing into the distance and gives the impression of depth and distance much better than a flat photo where everything is in focus. It gives the impression that you are standing at the front of the photo and have the distance to walk into and explore. The second picture gives you the impression that have somewhere to reach and a set goal to achieve.

It's not suitable for everything of course, but it's definitely fun to play about with. In hindsight I would have taken a third photo focused on the back left post as well. Note to self : in future take more photos than I think I need to get better results when it comes to exercises.

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