Friday, January 27, 2012

Photographer Friday

Hélène Binet is another find from issue 159 of the British Journal of Photography. She takes photos for corporate companies of their beautiful buildings. What helped her make her mark are her photos for architect Zaha Hadid. Her photos are simple in nature with sweeping lines and often in black and white. It must be hard to balance the tasks given by her clients with her own aesthetic.

The photography section of her website is currently under construction but these are a couple I found on the web to give an idea of her style of expertise. She always shoots in film, not digital. It makes me wish I had spent more time when I was younger getting used to film and I was more comfortable with it now. She says it slows her down shooting on film. I can understand this, with digital the temptation is to keep taking photos until you luck into a good one. Using film you have a limited number of shots before you run out and need to replace it. It's something I am working on, getting it right first time.

I just adore the lighting and curves in the above shot. So simple and striking.

Again it's the lines and curves. The escalators look like giant robot spider legs or a massive hand reaching down to grab you.

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