Friday, January 20, 2012

Photographer Friday

Hello blogging world. I thought I would (where possible) feature a photographer that I admire each Friday. This is a new thing for me. In the past I haven't made a habit of studying those who have come before me and I thought it would a fantastic way to get more inspiration. The first person I came across while looking at the January edition of The British Journal of Photography, Kate Peters. She does a lot of portrait work looking through her online portfolio, but it was her series on the British dominatrix scene that really struck me as seen in the magazine. It's on her site as Yes, Mistress as well.

My absolute favourite is Maid Francesca II. It shows a maid bent over with her skirt raised and clear whip or crop marks on her buttocks. It sums up domination and the work of a dominatrix in one smile, clean photograph. It's not sensational or over the top, but packs a real impact nonetheless. I like that there isn't any nudity or anything overtly sexual, but the pictures are still full of sex and strong women. The fetish scene is fascinating and I would love to do a themed shoot like this. I will add it my list of fantasy projects that one day I would love to get to.

I think it's really cool that Kate managed to not just meet the women, but to photograph some of their clients as well as where they work. I imagine it has been a very enlightening project and also very difficult to get willing volunteers who will let her publish her work. Reading the interview Kate says "I have recently had issues with women whose circumstances have changed and are now unable to be published or exhibited" which doesn't really surprise me. Many of the women I imagine have children, are married and may have other more socially acceptable jobs. They have local fetish nights near me as well as burlesque events and I will speak with the owner to find out the policy about taking photos at these events. I really hope though that Kate manages to finish her project and I'm excited to see what she does next.

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